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About Us

Our Story

Sala Russey

Discover a different side of Cambodia when you step foot into our bamboo jungle.

Embark with us on a culinary adventure. We will lead your taste buds on a journey through our traditional Khmer tastes and flavors.

Find us at the heart of Angkor on the banks of the beautiful lake, Srah Srang.

We created Sala Russey to build a happy and smiling community that you will never forget. A peaceful place designed for you to relax after exploring our 900+ year-old temples!

Enter Sala Russey and choose to relax in our cool, wooden dining room or take a seat in our lush, green bamboo jungle.

Our wooden dining room, designed to ressemble traditional Khmer houses, offers the best seat to beat the heat.

Our outdoor jungle setting will let you continue enjoying Cambodia’s natural beauty.

If you’re looking for the best view of Srah Srang head upstairs to our second floor.

Here to serve you

A Creative Team

Our staff, all hired from local villages, enjoy creating experiences that you’ll always remember.

Sok Kimsong

Mr. Sok Kimsong is our head chef at Sala Russey. He is an amazing chef with almost 20 years of experience cooking Western, Khmer, and Thai fare. On top of his busy job, Mr. Sok Kimsong also provides hospitality training for the restaurant staff.

Soum Sengthai

Mr. Soum Sengthai is Sala Russey’s restaurant manager. He takes time out of his busy schedule to provide our staff with English language training.

Only the best

Sala Russey isn’t only about looks, we spent a great deal of time finding local markets that could provide us with fresh daily produce. We did this not only to craft perfect dishes for you but to also improve our local communities.

Beautiful Lakeside Location

We are located on the banks of Srah Srang, Angkor’s ancient man-made lake.


Fresh Ingredients Daily

Local markets deliver fresh ingredients to our kitchen every day

Lovely Bamboo Garden

Lounge, relax and dine outdoors in our lovely bamboo garden

Relaxing Views

Our restaurant has three different, yet amazing views

Traditional Dishes

Ancient Khmer recipes to match the ancient temples

Wooden AC Interior

Take a seat and get a break from the heat